Thousands of UK Seniors are rushing to claim this new benefit in 2021

UK Seniors born between 1940 and 1970 are eligible to lock in a new funeral plan saving their families thousands. Here’s how:


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Have you ever considered how your funeral will be paid for or who’s going to pay for it?

Brits are still left unaware that funeral costs are spiralling.

Unfortunately for some, this means that families are not only left with funeral bills they could struggle to pay but also the emotional trauma that comes with planning a funeral.

Beat inflation 

Lock in your funeral costs at todays prices 

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Paula has experienced this first-hand and shares her experience on planning a funeral for a loved one.

“No one really wants to think about their own funeral but after the experience I had when my mum passed away, we should all seriously consider what could be in store for our families if we don’t have a funeral plan in place when our time comes.

We were a very close family and had never fallen out until my mum, who was very fit and healthy passed away suddenly.

We were all in shock and completely heartbroken but determined to have a celebration of her life that was worthy of the amazing woman she was, and hopefully what she would’ve wanted.

We were all at complete odds with each other. Burial or cremation? Religious ceremony or not? Who and how are we going to pay for it?

All these decisions to make at a time when we were grieving was almost too much to bear.

So even though we think she had the funeral that she would have wanted, we’ll never know for sure. One thing we do know is that she would have been devastated to know the heartache and financial burden planning her funeral caused us all.

If you don’t have a funeral plan in place like my Mum didn’t, it is so important to consider the impact it will have on your loved ones when the time comes.

Fortunately for my children there is a solution.

I have already planned my funeral and am covering the cost with a pre-paid plan, locked in at today’s prices.

It means my family will know what my final wishes are and won’t have to go through the ordeal I did when trying to find the money to cover it.”

If you don’t already have a funeral plan, there is a simple way to ensure your family are protected.

Peace of Mind Funeral Planning offer affordable funeral plans for less than the cost of your weekly paper bill and have managed to help thousands of people so far.

There is also no need for a medical and acceptance is always guaranteed.

Getting a funeral plan:

✔  Allows you to beat unregulated inflation by locking in costs at todays prices

✔  Relieves your family from financial and emotional burden

Step 1: Click your birth year below to start. 

Step 2: Complete a short form by answering a few questions and recieve your free funeral quote.

Here's How You Do It:

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*Source: Some of the data in this article is based on the annual SunLife Cost of Dying report 2017, and the Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report 2017.

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